Österreichische Post AG Conceptual analysis and ensuing realization of user documentation for mobile devices used by the delivery staff of the Austrian postal service Österreichische Post AG. The initial analysis included the structure, content, target group usage scenarios and design drafts for the planned documentation deliverables. The final result was a printed Pocket Guide in German and Hungarian for use by the postal workers.
OeKB CSD GmbH Release updates of the German and English user manuals for the securities settlement system of OeKB CSD GmbH, which is used across Europe. Long-term ongoing provision of language services in connection with English-language technical texts and marketing collateral.
ÖBB-Personenverkehr AG Internationalization of user interface labels for the ticket shop of the Austrian national rail service ÖBB Personenverkehr AG. The long-time ongoing work for the ÖBB Ticket Shop includes the translation of label texts and GUI strings in ÖBB’s proprietary label management tool. Project activities include tests of the English versions running on desktop computers, on iOS and Android mobile devices, and on self-service machines at stations in Austria.
Unser Ö-Bonus Club GmbH Translation of a technical interface document with software developers and administrators as the target group. The project included the analysis and mutually agreed definition of terminology and a consistency check of the source and target documents.
Schrack Technik GmbH Many years of ongoing internationalization services including major parts of the website, marketing collateral, product catalog texts and texts in Schrack’s online shop. Writing of English-language marketing collateral, such as company and product presentations used by Schrack consultants in face-to-face client communication.
Mobilkom Austria Localization of application labels and translation of a user manual. English-to-German translation of the user interface of an in-house collaboration platform. The localization particularly targeted the functionalities most used at the time.
Oesterreichische Kontrollbank AG Design and writing of user documentation in German and English, including repeated version updates. The project aim was to create a comprehensive manual that describes all software features for the Austrian and international banking customers of OeKB.
Unisys Österreich English-to-German localization of in-house training documentation. Emphasis was put on preserving the texts’ impact and effect even after the transfer to German to ensure the desired training results.
PayLife Bank GmbH German-to-English internationalization of in-house business process documentation, including a thorough up-front analysis and standardization of terms used. English-to-German localization of a payment processing solution with additional adaptations of application labels to the terminology used in-house.
eralytics GmbH Continuous assistance in writing and proofreading English-language marketing documents and presentations for worldwide use. Texts included parts of the company website, image brochures, product flyers, press releases and captions in product videos.
trainconsulting GmbH Website internationalization with the aim to create a professional platform representing trainconsulting GmbH in the international market. Provision of language services on an ongoing basis in connection with English-language company brochures, service descriptions, product documents and case studies.
d-con.net GmbH Recurrent creation of high-quality English website versions for the worldwide target group of clients and partners of the d-con.net group of companies.
oekostrom AG Internationalization of marketing and business documents. Long-time assistance in creating international business documents of all types, such as annual reports, prospectuses, and marketing collateral.
SDS/GEOS German-to-English localization of large parts of the German user documentation of the banking software solution GEOS. Provision of on-demand assistance for the in-house localization team of Software Daten Service GmbH.
Alcatel Austria Optics Group Language check of the website aiming to create a semantically and syntactically correct English version of Alcatel Austria Optics Group’s website for the benefit of existing and potential customers.
InfraSoft Datenservice Ges.m.b.H. Internationalization of website, marketing collateral and business documents. Long-time assistance in creating international business documents of all types, such as annual reports and mailings.
Scheugenpflug AG Long-time assistance in creating high-quality marketing texts in an English-language version for use on the website, in brochures, presentations, and press releases. Proofreading and readability enhancements of third-party and in-house English translations.
E-Insurance Internationalization of the company brochure. The aim was to create an English version of the image brochure for Europe-wide use. The English image brochure was first used in the Italian market.
TeamSpirit GmbH Creation of the international web presence of TeamSpirit Management Training & Coaching gmbH. Long-time assistance in the internationalization of brochures, service descriptions and other marketing collateral.
SEQIS GmbH Internationalization of the company website with the aim to translate the complete existing German website of SEQIS GmbH into British English. Both language versions were then available online.
IRM GmbH Internationalization of user documentation. German-to-English translation of the manuals for the modules Trade and Optimization for general use in Europe.
Adcon Telemetry GmbH Creation of an English-language product brochure after briefings. Writing of an English product flyer for the addVANTAGE Pro Extension Builder package.
Erste Bank/Sconsit Creation from scratch of the user documentation for the PORTIA Interface Manager. The project aimed at creating a user manual that familiarizes the user step by step with the required processes in the Interface Manager.
UC4 Software GmbH Internationalization of marketing collateral. The full project included the creation of German and English marketing documents related to UC4. DokuConsult was responsible for the internationalization of the texts.
Cocoon Technologies Software AG Update and completion of user documentation for a new software version release. The documentation was based on an existing manual and documentation templates. Update of the English-language documentation and usability optimization for e-learning software.
Management Solutions Information Technology GmbH Localization management and internationalization of application labels for demo systems. Creation of multi-language marketing collateral in the banking software industry. Documentation consulting workshop with the aim to optimize documentation updates in parallel with new software releases.
SPP HandelsGmbH Update of the German and English versions of a manual in Word format. Structural and linguistic revision of the documentation for improved user-oriented language quality. Usability enhancements for increased user convenience.
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