Professional Localization for the Technological World

DokuConsult is the localization specialist on the German market servicing the banking industry, IT technology and software companies, and manufacturers of sophisticated products and services. Whether you require a German user manual, German product descriptions, or a German-language marketing brochure, all you have to do is provide an English source text.

DokuConsult takes care of everything else.

Translation and Beyond - Genuine Localization for Your Target Audience

The DokuConsult services extend beyond a simple translation. You will receive a German text that reads as though it had been written in that language. Your clients and users will be addressed in their native language with idiomatic style. Brush up your German documents. Have them localized by DokuConsult:

User Manuals
Operating Instructions
Installation Guides
Technical Handbooks
Marketing Collateral
Sales Brochures
Company Presentations
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